Ice Dragon

Seeds From A Dying Garden
Deluxe LP version


• LP jacket made of (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard

  1. high quality printed cover with matte finish

  2. specifically mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin

  3. deluxe soft synthetic fibers inner-sleeve w/ inherent antistatic properties

  4. black stock satin insert

  5. includes a pressed glass cd version of the album

  6. heavy duty 6 mil polyethylene jacket sleeve

  7. hand numbered & assembled manually

  8. limited edition of 300

On this one, Ron sang a lot, hit a lot of drums, handled some percussion, and twiddled a lot of knobs; Carter played a ton of guitars, some bass, and a bit of Moog; Joe did some Moog as well, a smidge of recorder, a few guitars, and a bunch of bass.

Side A
Green, Green Grass
The Great Blue Heron
To Everything That Was
In a Time Unknown
Your Beauty Measures More

Side B

Mr. Merry Melan Man
Mary Wants a Sunset
To Everything That Might Have Been
Infinite Red
A Bird Over


Rest of the World