“Fighting Cancer with Nuclear Medicine”
Improving clinical outcomes through novel diagnostic
and therapeutic approaches – made in the EU

Latest advancements in medicine and pharmacology result into a plethora of novel therapies for cancer and other severe diseases that are revolutionising patient management and offer improved outcomes, quality of life and hope for those affected by cancer and those around them. Such therapies though tend to be very expensive, and while effective for patients with specific genetic profiles of the disease, they have no or very limited effect on others with different genotypes.

This fact compromises their benefits at a population level while imposing severe strains to health systems. Moreover, it increases investment risks for the development of further novel treatments.

Convinced that molecular imaging is an accurate, safe and economic answer to these concerns, the 2019 Symposium aims to demonstrate that by utilising state-of-the-art technology, localisation of the disease and genetic suitability for a candidate therapy is possible. This enables individualised treatments, allowing health systems to offer the best possible solution to each citizen while simultaneously containing treatment costs.

The 2019 Symposium of the European Nuclear Medicine Industry on 14 November 2019 will show you more about how a cutting edge field of medicine that originated in Europe is a success story bringing jobs and developing know-how while helping improve healthcare in Europe and worldwide.


• What is Nuclear Medicine ?
Prof. Serge Goldman, Nuclear Medicine Department & PET/ Biomedical  Cyclotron Unit, ULB-Hôpital Erasme, Brussels, Belgium

• Nuclear medicine procedures for diagnosis and therapy : a significant impact on patients’ health and quality of life
Prof. Wim Oyen, Professor of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine Physician, and President of EANM

• Patient testimonial – Ms Katrin Rossmueller CEO
Gebr.Mahn AND patient treated with nuclear medicine for her arthritis rheumatoid treated by radiosynoviortesis

• The Neuroendocrine Neoplasm ( NEN) Patient – the role of nuclear medicine in the patient pathway
Catherine Bouvier, CEO of NET Patient Foundation, Leamington Spa, UK

• The Nuclear Medicine industry in Europe – current status and future for a European success story
Dr Richard G. Zimmermann – NMEU Moderator : Dr Adam Smith, D. Phil., Chief Scientific Officer Nobel Media AB


Professor Serge Goldman, MD
Erasme Hospital Brussels

Serge Goldman is Medical Doctor with successive certifications in neurology and in nuclear medicine and a PhD thesis in Medical Science. Since 2002, he is head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and the PET/Biomedical Cyclotron Unit at ULB – Erasme Hospital (Brussels, Belgium). He is Director of the Laboratory of Cerebral Functional affiliated to the ULB Neuroscience Institute and Scientific Director of the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (ULB-UMONS). He has published 294 peer-reviewed articles during the last 35 years.  His main field of research is imaging of brain tumours with a particular interest on the integration of molecular imaging in therapy targeting. Other fields of interest are imaging for cell tracking and neurological applications of PET, in particular in the domains of neurodegeneration, epilepsy and development.

Serge Goldman has been President of the Belgian Society of Nuclear Medicine from 2007 to 2010.

Professor Wim J.G. Oyen
Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands and Humanitas University, Milan, Italy

Professor Wim Oyen is nuclear medicine physician at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands and full Professor of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy at Humanitas University in Milan, Italy.   From 2015-2018, he was full Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at The Institute of Cancer Research and Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine of The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK. Before working in the UK, he was a nuclear medicine physician and full Professor of Nuclear Medicine at the Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen, The Netherlands, serving as Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Member of the Board of the Medical Staff and Director of the Research Institute for Oncology of RadboudUMC.

Professor Oyen’s main research interests are molecular imaging in oncology and infectious diseases and radionuclide therapy of cancer. He is the (co-)author of more than 650 original science and review articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is currently actively involved in the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (President as of 2019) and the International Cancer Imaging Society (President 2017/2018). Professor Oyen is a member of several Editorial Boards, including the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Ms Katrin Rossmueller

Katrin Rossmueller is a 45 year old German Citizen, married with one daughter. She studied textile engineering and business management. She worked at Esprit, Kappa, Donna Karan in New York and she has been working independently for 12 years in the field of electric motors, generators and cranes. She serves on the Economic Council of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) in Germany and is on the Board of Directors of the Bremen Chamber of Crafts. She has had rheumatism for 15 years and is very thankful for nuclear medicine, the only alternative to a surgery. This treatment helped her to pursue her everyday life again.

Ms Catherine Bouvier 
CEO – NET Patient Foundation

Catherine dedicated the past twenty years of her career with an aim to improve the care and outcomes for neuroendocrine cancer patients. As the first dedicated Neuroendocrine CNS in the UK, and setting up the first UK wide charity, she has experienced extensive challenges, alongside a significant sense of achievement. Her passion is to see eight strategic priorities in the NEN field achieved: the protection of our world class service, improving impact and outcomes for patients who follow a less common pathway, establishing patient experience as being on a par with clinical effectiveness and safety, promoting the necessary investment to deliver a modern and high quality service for NEN patients, both in the acute and community setting, the provision of standardised useful and accurate patient information, a significant increase in the research, education and awareness in NENs, ensuring commissioning processes are fit for purpose and that the NEN community has the attention that is the right of all cancer patients.

Dr Richard Zimmermann, PhD

Richard Zimmermann is an independent consultant specialized in nuclear medicine. He was trained as chemistry engineer with a PhD in Organic Chemistry and did spend almost 15 years working with the conventional pharmaceutical industry before joining in 1998, as R&D Director, the Radiopharmaceutical Industry with CIS bio international (Saclay, France), for which he was later also in charge of building the European PET manufacturing network. In 2006 he became VP Business Development for IBA Molecular and in 2011 he initiated the foundation Oncidium, supporting the development of radiotherapeutics.
In 2012, he created his own consulting company, Chrysalium Consulting. He was chairman of the company Medisystem (France) and ANMI (Belgium), participated to the creation of Telix Pharma (Australia), and was CEO of Global Morpho Pharma SAS (France). His main interest is now focusing on the long-term evolution of nuclear medicine through the identification and evaluation of industrial, regulatory and economic constraints with expert reports written and published since 2012 through the MEDraysintell partnership.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is Chief Scientific Officer of the Nobel Foundation’s media company, Nobel Media AB. After Fellowships in molecular biology, neuroscience and physiology in Oxford, Harvard and Heidelberg he pursued research in developmental neuroscience at Oxford University before moving into science publishing. At Nature Publishing Group he launched Nature Reviews Drug Discovery as Chief Editor and then, as Publisher, ran Nature’s Biopharma portfolio of journals. In his current role, his projects include recording an archive of interviews with all living Nobel Laureates, running an educational programme that takes Laureates to meet and inspire scientists around the world, and putting together the programmes of Nobel Media’s global science & society meeting series, the Nobel Prize Dialogues.