«Born a heavy morning»
by Ice Dragon (US)

Limited edition of 250 hand numbered copies in
kraft gatefold digisleeve with matt printed inserts
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Workingman's psychedelia with heavy rock touches. Guitars, bass, drums, synths, and vocals form interesting textures in this Boston band's nod to the quasi-concept albums of the late 1960s and early '70s.

about Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon makes recordings in a basement near Boston, Massachusetts. Works include many albums, singles, and EPs, as well as numerous releases under various other names. New music is issued frequently and spontaneously.

ice dragon

«AM radio channeled through busted-up, acid-damaged transistors never sounded so good.»
Steve Miller
Temple of Perdition

«The most "important" underground band of the internet age.»

Paranoid Hitsophrenic

"Some quality early 70s rock worship. Rather than balls out rocking or Sabbath dooming Ice Dragon go for a slightly more stately Groundhogs/Humble Pie almost prog feel."

Spoonful of Tar

«Ice Dragon‘s sense of adventure has grown over the last few years such that genre limitations seem like a waste of time anyway.»
The Obelisk

«It is with swelling brains and half-lifted lids that we hopelessly drone and dream our days away. This is that soundtrack.»
Broken Beard

ice dragon

«Loaf of Head»
by Ice Dragon (US)

Limited edition of 100.

This crusty loaf of whole-brain goodness is fortified with essential blightamins and miserables, and best enjoyed after soaking in beer.

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Yes I Am
Walkin' Tall
The Question Unanswered
A Song by Hildegarde Hawthorne
I'm Sorry to All the Girls
Livin' in the Goddamn City
The Rising Moon, the Setting Sun

«Seeds From A Dying Garden»
by Ice Dragon (US)

Limited edition of 100.

Deluxe LP version available on Transmaniacon Records.

On this one, Ron sang a lot, hit a lot of drums, handled some percussion, and twiddled a lot of knobs; Carter played a ton of guitars, some bass, and a bit of Moog; Joe did some Moog as well, a smidge of recorder, a few guitars, and a bunch of bass.

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Green, Green Grass
The Great Blue Heron
To Everything That Was
In a Time Unknown
Your Beauty Measures More
Mr. Merry Melan Man
Mary Wants a Sunset
To Everything That Might Have Been
Infinite Red
A Bird Over