«Let’s cast a mirror right back at fear,

let’s show this world that we were here.»


We lied

Remember that lazy ‘yearly update’?
Fake news.
Real news : there’s a new Yadayn album coming out June 26. It’s called «Adem» and you can have a listen here.

A yearly update

Just like Fugazi (no less), the label is more or less in indefinite hiatus, mostly because of other commitments BUT it’s not dead yet. Things are coming sooner or later.

In the meantime, we found a stash of records packed from an independent record fair, that includes a handful of The Samuel Jackson Five stellar EP, that are on sale on Discogs (btw checkout their new side project Ghost Karaoke), as well as a few remaining copies of Ice Dragon’s releases. «Loaf of Head» is almost sold out tho.

Sorry to confirm that von Stroheim‘s EP, Swingers, OMSQ and Yadayn albums are definitely sold out.
No copies left at all.

Thanks again everyone for your support.